HA-59 Review (Dave Hunter-Guitar Player)

"With excellent clarity and articulation - Into a cranked amp the HA-59s issued eviscerating lead and power-chord tones that were meaty and fat, yet also cutting and articulate, with loads of shimmering overtone sparkle in single note lines and unison bends. Through a cleaner chain, they delivered the kind of sparkling clarity that leads to Tele-on-steroids comparisons for good PAFs, without the mud or sludge that too often bogs down lesser humbuckers."

"They’re an aspiring pair of pickups, and worthy of an Editors’ Pick Award."

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Exceptional & Aspirational

With decades of winding experience, each Shed Pickup is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to perfection, offering unparalleled quality and sound


  • Exceptional & Aspirational

    With decades of experience, craftsmanship and practical development, Shed Pickups hold their place amongst the very best hand wound pickups ever produced.

    Exceptional & Aspirational, every meticulous, time intensive attention detail contributes to a superior sound experience - producing the most musical and magical sounding tonality that you will ever experience.

  • Historically Accurate

    With our HA (Historically Accurate) range, we have spent hundreds of hours testing and analysing authentic vintage pickups, sourcing the original materials used in their creation or reverse-manufacturing the parts ourselves. No one else goes to the lengths that we do in order to achieve the ultimate, historically correct time machine tone of the classic originals

  • Aged to Perfection

    At Shed Pickups we are wholly committed to producing the most exceptional hand-crafted and hand wound pickups available. Through our distinctive and exacting methods, each of our HA Series of Shed Pickups are aged to perfection, giving a distinct character and soul with unequalled tonality across the entire range.

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HA-59 PAF Demo (Clean)