About us

Shed Pickups was founded by Spencer Mumford in South Wales (UK) during the early 2000’s, and quickly gained global recognition for his exceptional hand-crafted pickups. In a time when the boutique hand-wound pickup market was emerging, Spencer's unique methodology and blend of traditional techniques led to an abundance of awards and accolades from guitar magazine journalists and experienced guitarists alike. 

Also, during this time, many world-renowned and highly influential artists, entrusted Shed Pickups to rewind a number their much lauded ‘trade- mark’ instruments, as Spencer's ability to recreate the original feel and tone of their pickups was highly recommended, solidifying a reputation for accuracy and excellence.

The stunning tonality of Shed Pickups' products set them apart in the industry.

Shed Pickups was re-established in 2023, after a break in production, with Spencer Mumford leading the hand wound pickup creation once again. Joining him as directors were Phil Jarvis, a seasoned musician with expertise in live performances and music commerce, and Jeff Williams, a touring/recording artist with extensive experience in various music and retail sectors. Alongside Spencer, Phil and Jeff bring a notable wealth of knowledge and experience to Shed Pickups as a business. 

Shed Pickups continues to utilise the original handmade tools and machinery taken from the first home workshop in the early 2000's, the same time-intensive techniques are adhered to, and the unique methodology is still very much in use to create the distinctive qualities of their hand-wound and handcrafted pickups. 

Located in Penarth, South Wales, UK, Shed Pickups specialises in crafting small batch and custom-made pickups to the highest standards, with a dedication to producing historically accurate tonality that is unmatched in the market.